Database Tools | Toad Data Modeler

Generating HTML/RTF/PDF reports

Toad Data Modeler is an ideal tool for database reporting. It allows you to generate reports of both Logical and Physical model. The output can be:

  • Physical Entity Relationship diagram report
  • Logical Entity Relationship diagram report
  • User permissions report
  • Model Comparison report

All reports are very detailed and contain information regarding, as for example, Entity list, Relationship list, picture of ERD diagram, information about User types, User Roles, etc.. or changes between two models.

Customize design via CSS files

You can easily affect the design of the HTML reports. All you need to do is to change the default CSS file and save it in the STYLES folder!

XSLT Reports

Export model metadata to XML or use XSL transormation to generate output in desired format. XSD files are available for each target database platform.

Export to Microsoft Excel

Model metadata can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel where you can comfortably add comments or change data types. After all modifications the excel file can be imported back to Toad Data Modeler.